Wednesday, April 14, 2010


1st of all thx to my neighbour who share his wifi to me and juz finish 3 match DOTA with him,
of coz we win all the game bcoz of him...yangearnSeriously i duno how to start and duno wad to write...juz type wadeva in my mind bah,
recently busy with revision although i m doing not much on tat...i prefer sleep ngek ngek xD
Life for me now is quite relax lor since i have no need to follow the schedule to class like b4 this....
I like ~study week~ so much...lets talk about my (1st)STUDIES bah..accounting,Accounting,ACCOUNTING--H E A V Y
haihx...i wonder why a person like also got chance to study it..maybe is bcoz i alwiz pray pray gua...haha..normally accounting students will more focus on their studies,do more revision,seldom take part in alot of activities except for those who are very good in time management~
for me...doink doinkk :( obviously is quite tough...T.T
but i think i still can manage it bah...juz try my best b4 final lor..
next sem onwards must pay more attention on my studies edy...kononnya...ngek ngek...


i think i got lot of things to write within this area this sem i know alot alot of frens..we get closer,much more topic to share...and i have found few friends who r very close de...Ckc,sunny,jerry,roommate,emily..and few more..
but fren got divide to few groups de wor..
like my best fren name Sohai,he is good to me..although i alwiz disturb him but he nvr angry and alwiz try to chat and solve my problem,duno our relationship will become wad in the coming days but i really trust him 100%...seriously appreciate this fren so much...
den Robot good in activies,we can share wadeva problem in our activities..bcoz his name is Robot haha...but i m worrying that activities may affect our frenship,for me nth is more importance than i have found a good fren..frenship 1st activities come 2nd

The most useless 1 is my Daughter lar alwiz sabotage and teas me de..but without her i think my life will be less fun also..kekez..

and recently got 1 new fren...a special fren..nvr thought can be fren de..but i think everything have already arrange properly in our life will come in time.. anyways....for me this special fren maybe wil play a main role in my frenship also but still fren.. i will not cross border line & the most juz treat this fren as my close2 fren..kekex

and others also very close juz lazy to describe xD
currently still in stable condition
just don't think too much about it bah,follow step by step...if ngam den may get marry somedays,if feeling is gone edy den have to decide earlier...this few days she is very very 乖,体谅,温柔...duno why juz like back to old times...HEART MELT...
fren and those very concern on me de seniors-D.L.haha..dun worry la..everything got its solution...
and maybe i have found the solution ! ! !
or maybe not...hahaha

Random Pics~
my primary school frens..gathering during CNY-温馨

pingpong competition...happie although juz 2rd runner-up

my dearest frens..happie to know u all..i m so lucky

4 nub gambling haha...sweet memories

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pulaw Langkawi-Sem 1 Holiday with DPP Mates

WoW..Langkawi Island for my 1st sem in UUM !


Happy Trip~

Forever Memories~

Endless Friendship~

21-23 November 2009
13 people
let's start the story

Damn...we are really
Action Speak Louder Than Words ~
haha..tats y
after my final exam not going b home but go to Langkawi Island
wif Dpp Mates a-k-a Hostel Friends...

at jeti waiting ferr the ship...

Our Desa juz like a storey house
environment is comfortable,large house,clean and safety
Thx for our Event Organiser Emily Yong for finding us a so comfortable and economical motel...

nice rite?

ss lor

while waiting ferr fren who taking bath..why not HEHE

in girl's room..u can see yee min and hui ling
is doing something Attractive(^.^)

seriously this dinner take long times to order..
u know la..
University students dy..must calculate and bargain a bit.. not bad la...LUCKY Restaurant~
but crab wil be exp a bit 1kg=Rm70-GAY(din order hahaha)

"Reunion dinner"
take long x3 time to order haha
is all about who?

after dinner..walk around at beach
2 gay man is doing something
should call it like tat?
song yee and burger

few of them miss this pic..xD
don't jealous oh
especially burger*
"few friends and sweet couple beside me..envvy orh"

After hang was late dy..
we get some Fruit juice? haha
to release our whole day tension wif the

delay of schedule,
bargaining of car price,
looking for motel,

heng tai Cheers~!
after 3mins..2nd pic show u the RESULT ~~
don't drink better ..haha
throwing pillow around,jump on the bed like no body business WAKAKA



omg my godness...wt...behave urself pls
song yee and burger
innocent !

Wa..Ah Jiang beh tahan..
damn desperate la..

Second day,as usual i am awake from drunk
and can as tat i have nvr drunk as well...
juz accompany my friends play the "Pillow War"

we rent a boat and get tour to 3 place...

Pregnant Island
Eagle Feeding
Beach ! ! ! (Excited when hear it)

Sky is blue,
Cloud is white,
Wheather is in silly rain,

2nd day..boat boat boat...~

1st Monkey Island rite?
No Pregnant Island...

Can see this fellow anyways else..shit !

shuang shuang...

draw by our Miss Phei Yee

be4 we photo

Chooi Ping and Yee Min
damn hard to pick...
whole album...
the most
nice de liao...
say thank you to me plz...xD

Yee Min and Swee Fang
haihx..yee min again...
little kids enjoying the
ball balls~!


look like "LANGKAWI"?
don't think so
= ="

swee fang's hands so nice
nice pose...
love it..

When i see this..the 1st appearance in my mind haha
Of Course is Piau lor

wOw..ah piau favourite

see..some more Cheers~! wif me !

the next
wad to say?
sleep ba xiao mei mei

Cable car part !
actually divide into 2 parts..
but i combine it..lazy to separate it..
1st day we miss the cable car bcoz of Maintenance
Finally in 2nd day we are able to take a sit and a look on the langkawi sea view on the 700meter++ mountain...TOUCHING !

simply take

wa...damn susah to sit langkawi's cabel car..
= ="

fantastic view

i'm serious..
the another 2 actor haha
piau and han how

silly wind blow around us~

thx to piau...

cool i like tis pic...

b4 we leave
once again...SS

P/s:If i wrote something teasing or laughing any1 inside this post...please don't get it serious..
I'm juz adding some salt and vinegar HAHA.Enjoy reading~

I n C-A n s O n™

Monday, September 28, 2009


Random pick & Uni Life~

lunch time~
at my favourite restaurant Subaidah
4/7 days having meal at here

author ^.^

my lovely dear

Yo..Although it was heavy rain but 3 of us still
chiong chiong chiong

unfortunately class cancel...DAMN! i totally 4get about it..zzz

Cameron & Penang Friends

1st visit with DppMates

see i'm a gud photographer..xD
yong x2 help me take de = = zzz speechless

2 lengluiis


fully concentrate...fully dreaming...

My room can fit 10ppl..

Chinese Chess,

my rOom~

Entertainment center
c the sitting behind 1..
omG..unbelieveable...shouldn't be...haha
actually i'm posing nia..kekez

the behind 1

zoOm in

Hui Chen & Huey Bing
Eat Eat Eat~

ys,gy & eliza

high school gang lepak at mamak

Noob + PigDog friends...

*penang de eat alot of rice-
*taiping de pandai tam galgal-
*johor de general-

penang kia-Song Yi

taiping kia-Kah Chon

johor kia-Lau Jiang

Is me and my roommate be4 entering the exam hall...
Briefly explain..he is from Kuantan S&A
*Basketball Champion in my DPP

*Most of the subjects got As
*Pure Account student

Me and Roommate-Wei Rong

Jason,Roommate & Shu Boon-some dppmates

Newbie Introduction Days-^.^
Burger,Jiang,Solomon,Kah Chon and Me

Let's come to the most important part..D O T A !

Defence Of The Ancient

seriously i'm happy with tis competition although our team got
number 4 during the competition
from i have recalculate the relationship among me and few friends who are come from different state Penang,Johor,Perak
and of cos..we are gud in playing dota also lar.Kononnya haha..!!

Dota Competition-Semi Final
-Newbie Kids=-

Song Yi,Lau Jiang,Me,Jay,Wai Kim

Crystal Mountain ! ! !
buy crystal din climb the moutain...


Hog and Me


Latest Pics of we 2 at Cineleisure & Yuan~

short hair~


Visit to Joyce's house-
Joyce,Pei Wen and her bf

Me and Allen Cheng~


Miss McD le...haihx!
4o'clock in the morning Deric and Anson

Jason and Enix

OK lar..the end dy..
lazy to upload and write jor..
happy reading this random+rojak post lar...

I n C-A n s O n